Stepmom needs more than body temperature to warm up


In a cabin in the woods a happy family wants to spend the weekend far away from the bustle of the city, The father has to go to the village shop to buy some firewood. Pamela and her step-son stay in the cabin preparing the belongings, Everything starts to get complicated when the dumbass of Elber lockes by mistake a door in where the jackets and the blankets are leaving them at the mercy of the cold. Now they have to wait for the father to come back because he gets the key of that room. In the meantime they have to fin another way to warm up.

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Sandro| 3 months ago

What happends next?
Do they get out of the freezing room?
Is the man returning to save them or is he just fucking the neighbour?
You left me with all sorts of questions. wraaah