Stepmom Plays Dirty Dice With Me

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2 weeks ago
I (Tyler Steel) of course wanted to go out and hang with my friends, but my stepmom Rachel Cavalli has been naging me lately to spend time together, she now decides she wants to play games like we used to (ugh... boring). I guess if I have too, I might as well make it interesting so I chose dirty dice! I can't lose... either she says no (then I get to go with my friends) or she says yes (and our relationship will finally get interesting). To my pleasant surprise... she agreed and was actually really great at the game!! Watch as we play, building up the sexual tension until we finally give in. 'I can't believe we're doing this!' My stepmom was so excited to get the hard fucking she's been craving from me. Watch her ride my cock and take my pounding while I have her bent over. Apparently my dad could never give her the fucking she needs like I can... My stepmom wanted to make me cum so bad, I finally had to fill up her mature pussy full of my load!