Stuck babysitting my dweeb little brother


I'm home for summer break and I thought I was going to get to have fun and and party with my friends all the time. Instead I keep getting stuck babysitting my dweeb little brother because Mom keeps going on "Business trips." Whatever... The other night he wouldn't go to sleep unless I told him a story. I thought it was pretty good, it had dragons and knights and everything... My little brother didn't like it. He said there was something else that might help him go sleep. He said Mom usually touches him once a week and makes his thing explode. I told my little brother that's gross and Mom shouldn't be doing that, and there's no way I was going to touch his wiener... But he wouldn't stop whining so I finally just did it. Things kinda went a lot further than I expected, but at least he went right to sleep afterwards. I really need to get back to school soon, this family is totally fucked....

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