The Family Breeding War

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7 months ago
**WARNING: Extreme themes of breeding/fertilizing, dirty talk about cervix/womb, and family relations!!! This video is intense!! I go all out in this video so if extreme family breeding isn't your jam then I'll see you in the next vid! However, If this is the type of taboo smut you crave- then you wont want to skip out on this vid!!** DESCRIPTION: It was just another day with daddy. He wan his sweet peach of a daughter as usual but, he wan more this time that just a blowjob. He wan to slide his cock into my sweet peach. And want followed next was very unexpec.. His cock ended up sliding all the way into my cervix. This is what star a breeding war between dad x daughter and mom x son. Since that day- daughter has had 2 offspring and mother is in the lead with one.. Until.. recently mom has announced that she is pregnant again.. And daughter isn't very happy about this news.. She starts to snoop in her moms room only to find that mom has been cheating in order to get pregnant easier. Two can play at this game.. Now you and your daughter use this to play on the same level as mom x son. The hormones and stamina you both have now is off the charts.. Constant breeding of her fertile womb! Making sure Every. Last. One. of her eggs are fertilized. ***All actors and characters depic are 18+***


«did the daughter get pregnant yes/no»