The Family Vacation

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1 week ago
You decide to surprise your family by bringing your new wife to meet and get to know everyone on the annual family vacation. Your sister seems to really not be able to stand her. You see her constantly rolling her eyes whenever your wife talks, and glaring at her when she’s not looking. She pulls you aside to tell you that you shouldn’t have brought your wife here. She’s ruining the vacation. You try to reason with your sister and tell her it’s just going to take some getting used to, it’s not that bad. Your sister laughs, somewhat maniacally, and turns to you with an evil smile on her face. She stares at you intensely and leans in closer, she lowers her voice and says “Don’t make me ruin this vacation for you both, you know I could do it. It would be so easy. Your sister knows you better than anyone…” She leans her body in even closer before pushing you back into your chair. She drops her towel. She starts to grind her hips and tease you with her ass. She runs her hands up and down her curves while taunting you in a soft voice about your incestuous desires. She knows you can't resist your sister, she could destroy your marriage in a heartbeat. She leans down to the camera, putting her chest right in your face. She pulls her bikini off of her tits, and reaches down to grab your cock through your swim trunks. She starts to stroke your cock until you cum all over her chest. She covers herself back up with her bikini, some of your cum still clearly visible on her chest. She tells you to clean yourself up, and says.. “This vacation is about to be MUCH more interesting, I’ll be making sure of that.” Later that night, you’re laying in bed awake, unable to relax. Your wife is resting peacefully next to you. You can’t stop thinking about your sister. She’s insane but god she’s so much fucking fun. Your wife and her are nothing alike. Your dick starts to get hard. Your phone starts to glow on the nightstand, you pick it up and see its a text from your sister. She teases you about earlier, flaunting her control over you. She sneaks into your bedroom, ducking under the covers she starts to give you head. She gets more and more aggresive with you, first riding you while you sit on the edge of the bed, and then climbing on top of you and riding you-right beside your wife!! Your sister won't stop mentioning how terrible it would be for you if your wife found out about the two of you, how disgusted she would be. As much as you know this is an insane risk, you can't stop. You can't tell your sister no. You want her too badly. Your sister fucks you harder and harder, until she creams and cums all over your cock. Somehow, your wife is still unaware.. at least for now. You fuck your sister on the edge of the bed again while she begs you to cum inside of her. Teasing you with incestuous dirty talk the entire time. She is such a little homewrecker, and you love it more than anything. You cum deep inside of your sister, right as your wife begins to wake up...