Trying to be mommy's new yoga partner


FUCK!!! My smoking hot Mom is always walking around the house in tight booty shorts or thongs. And then she wants to scream at me when I stare at her ass? WTF!?!! So a few days ago when my Mom was practicing her yoga in the living room - she was half naked btw - I decided it was time to take what I wanted. Obviously my Mom must know how horny she makes me only wearing a sports bra and panties so I figured she must secretly want my cock anyway. I went up to my Mom and told her I had to have her ass and then I grabbed it with both hands! She freaked out and we started wrestling all around the room. My Mom put up a good fight but in the end my crazy boner won. I pinned my Mom down and slammed my cock as hard and fast as I could into her dripping wet pussy. I pulled out at the last second and shot a huge load down her throat. She said I was a sick pervert but she didn't even ground me or anything afterwards. Looks like Mom has got herself a new yoga partner....

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