Two sons volunteer to fuck mommy


Her Husband has been away on Business for weeks.....and Michelle is so horny.....she is going crazy!!! Michelle tries to get herself off with her (normally) trusty hitachi vibrator.....but it's not doing the job.....Michelle NEEDS to be Fucked!!! Fucked soon.....Fucked Hard......FUCKED!!! With, seemingly no other options, Michelle calls in her two young Sons, Jimmy & Johnny. Mom asks the two boys for a have sex with Mom. The two boys are initially terrified.....and argue about who should do the "dirty deed". The boys do Rock/Paper/Scissors to settle it...but it ends in a tie. The boys make a pact with each other...."Wanna both do it.....I'll do it if you do it.....". So, it's settled....both boys will give Mom the attention she shall be a "Mommmybang"!!! Mom entertains one Son in her mouth....while the other eats out her Pussy.....then she gets the boys to switch. While Mom is Sucking-Off Johnny.....he cums in her mouth!!! Now, it's time for a good Mom opens her legs wide, and let's youngest Son Jimmy give her a hard Fucking!!! Mom screams with delight as Jimmy's cock fills her cunt to the max.....culminating with Jimmy soaking her with his warm seed. With Mom's lust satisfied.....Jimmy is free to go and finish his homework.

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Dedro| 11 months ago

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