Under the Influence


Brooklyn is another member of a marital support group in her church, which also includes Alexis. A lot of the women in the group, including the group leader and pastor's wife Cherie, have been seeing a particular therapist for marital counseling. Having found pornography on her husband's computer, Brooklyn decides to pay a visit to the therapist all her female church friends are singing praises of. Poor, modest Brooklyn tries to relax and the truth about her dissatisfaction starts to surface. Of course, the therapist gets to the truth about her own feelings about what she saw. About the way the women moaned and screamed, about how much bigger the men's... penises are than her husbands... How unsatisfied she realizes she is.... As their therapy session progresses, the therapist digs deeper into Brooklyn's deepest sexual thoughts and desires. Things get really deep and intense as this session progresses.

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JonnDonn| 4 weeks ago

YOOO WTF is this type of porn... WTF category/genre/tag aka THE FUG DO I SEARCH! Legit tried to goog it 3-4 times, nothing... Basically, a porn, with a good story/plot, in general, doesn't have to even be a long ass set-up like this mo-fo'n novel.. Lol but still fugged with.