Yoga lesson with mom


My Mom really likes yoga. She started taking a class at the gym a few months ago, and would always talk about good it made her feel and how relaxing it was. I guess going to her yoga class twice a week wasn't cutting it because last week Mom started doing it at home after she'd get back from work. I couldn't help from watching Mom do her stretches the other day, her ass and legs and feet just looked so good... She caught me snooping on her, but she wasn't mad. Mom told me I could help her do her stretches. I think Mom noticed I was starting to get a boner - but that didn't bother her either. She said to really do yoga the right way, we had to be naked. I thought Mom was joking until she took her top off. We both got naked and Mom got me to do all kinds of stretches. She told me to hump her really hard because that was the only way to get a really deep stretch. After a while my cock slipped inside my Mom's pussy. She told me it was OK and to keep going. I fucked Mom really hard and before I knew it, I had to cum. I pulled out and came on my Mom's tongue. Mom said she was really happy I helped her stretch. I used to think yoga was kinda stupid and gay, but I don't think that anymore, from now on I'll do yoga with my Mom whenever she wants!

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