You have to do exactly what mom & aunt say


Thank you son... That was good. Just what Mommy needed. You always know how to make me feel so sexy... I guess we're pretty lucky your Father is taking so many business trips lately... Oh baby, I almost forgot to tell you, your Aunt Parker is coming tomorrow to stay with us for a little while. I want you to be on your best behavior while she's here. And make sure you help her with whatever she needs.... Oh it's okay, you don't have to leave... Just talk to your Aunt for a minute... It's so great your Mother invited me to stay for awhile, isn't it? I really needed a vacation after the divorce... It's been such a long time since I saw you last. You really are getting handsome... What's wrong? Your Aunt can't give you a compliment? I think you need to relax a little... I mean we're both adults... What would be so bad about having a little fun... Don't you worry about us sweetie. Your Aunt and I worked things out. We're just fine now... And you will be too, as long as you do exactly what we say....

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