Mom drops her bathrobe for son and wants him to fuck her

I am walking down the hallway, Mom comes out of her room dressed only in her bathrobe. She stares into my eyes for a moment with that serious look and with a jerk of her head motion me to follow her into the bedroom. She stares at the me for a moment and drops the bathrobe, sits on the bed and leans back spreading her legs and turning her head away and closing her eyes. She unzips my pants, pulls out my cock and motions me to start fucking her. She smiles and winces with every thrust. This goes on for a couple of minutes until I cum has cum. Mom gets up, looks at me, she puts on her bathrobe on and goes into the bathrobe. Mom walks into the kitchen ignoring me to get a drink of water. She stares at me with almost anger for several moments. She stares out the window and then walks out of the room. I then hear her banging the glass on the dinner table. I walk to the table, she opens her robe and exposes her lovely full breasts. She bends over and spreads her legs. I come over and look at her, pause and then stick my now hard cock into her ass. Mom seriously grimaces and hisses in pain with every thrust. With a big thrust I cum. Mom gets up, gives me a kiss on each cheek, puts her robe on and walks out of the room.

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big john| 4 days ago

so much bare flesh good firm breasts big powerful bare thighs some big moist vagina that could take my erect penis

Rick| 3 months ago

Wow! These are some horny
As an anecdote I taught in China snd saw a girl with a shirt saying "I am horny" I told her what it meant and she was mortified. Then we laughed about it

Devil| 1 year ago

I love stepmom

Anonymous| 2 years ago

hi ty for this site.