Son caught sniffing mom's panties

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5 years ago
Payton's son Is very into her lingerie and esp cum stained panties. She comes home one day and catches him just sniffing away and touching himself and all hard and bothered by her cum soaked panties as she gets real wet. She is at first a bit surprised but decides to go ahead and make him satisfied as his dad had the same issues with being exciting by that . She reaches down and gets out his hard boner and helps him masturbate with the panties ... he finally comes all over her face giving his mom a facial shower which makes her a little bit wet !


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«Always loved sniffing my wife's dirty panties. She knew of my kink and always left me the aromatic ones to play with. She traveled a lot, and I would always find a couple pairs tucked under my pillow to play with during her being away. I would sniff one pair and jack off in the other. When she returned home, she would always compliment me on making them stiff and crusty. Unpacking her suitcase, she would always have a new batch of dirty panties for me. She would love smothering me with them as she rode my cock. Made for a good hard cum each and every time for both of us! Hey, it's laundry day...have to go...or is that cum???»